Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Seven: ESA

June 6, 2011
First day of school. Wake up knock from Serge at 6:45 a.m., breakfast, and then Serge was nice enough to drive Hannah, Brandy, and I to ESA. At ESA, we had another ‘welcome’ breakfast, first class lecture, and then went on a tour of Angers. We ate lunch at the university cafeteria (10 minute walk from ESA) then went to the town square. After, we stopped in a French supermarket, Monoprix, to pick up a couple necessities and headed back to ESA. #V(% BLISTERS. That afternoon, we had the privilege of sitting through a 3 hour lecture from the director of ESA. Just kidding. 3 hours+. Coming to France, I had every intention of being open-minded to experiences, and what I found is that that state of mind isn’t necessarily reciprocated by the French when it comes to our agricultural and business practices. It’s still too early to form anything but observations though, I’ll keep you posted. After school, we walked home. 30 minutes-ish. For dinner we had: shredded carrots with spices, couscous, a mussel and cheese casserole type thing, green beans, pistachio/praline custard, and vanilla marble cake. STUFFED.

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