Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day Sixteen: It's still mooing.

June 15, 2011
Today I decided on my research paper topic: a comparison of French and U.S. supermarkets. Claire and I already have plans to scope out a couple ‘supermarkets’ together/ stalk people in trench coats, sunglasses, and fedoras. But really. At lunch, I had another encounter with steak haché as a served entrée (a hamburger meat patty put on the grill and flipped so that the outside is browned). Note: when ordering a steak in France, cooked may mean anywhere from still mooing to rare. Our host mom even confirmed that it’s not out of the ordinary for the beef offered on French menus to only be flipped twice and have a brief encounter with the grill.Speaking of steak- the 36 students in the study abroad program at ESA were split into six groups and are to make a presentation to the group over a designated visit as a part of ESA’s curriculum. Today was my group’s lucky day. Our subject: Maine Anjou cattle. The visit was highly informative: we learned about the history of the animal (as well as the history of Mr. Arthus’s enterprise), some of the French government’s subsidy practices, and AOC/AOP programs. Dinner that night was a treat- Serge and Ghistline busted out the ‘Fromage Party’ fondue equipment. We melted Rouchette cheese slices to drizzle over baby potatoes and meat slices. We chased the Rouchette with more cheese and bread; then we ended with peaches.

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