Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day Fifteen: Falstaff, in all its beach themed glory

June 14, 2011
After class, we made a quick trip into Super U, where I nabbed a bag of Haribo World Mix candy. Worth every euro. Tonight's menu selection: leek soup, cauliflower, salad, ‘cordon bleu’ of turkey hen, and chocolate/caramel pudding. After dinner, Brandy, Hannah, and I went into town to meet up with some French ESA students for a bit of bowling. When we arrived, we didn’t see anyone else so we ducked into Falstaff (a past favorite of other A&M students) for a quick drink beforehand. When we walked in, we quickly realized that it was definitely a beach-themed night: the small dance floor was covered in sand, there was a huge umbrella casting shade on a cushioned cove, and multiple guys sporting swim trunks rather than their typical jeans. We made our way back to the bowling alley and were pleasantly surprised to discover that their version of bowling was the same as ours in the states. After bowling, a group of us moseyed back to Falstaff. But beach night wasn’t exactly snazzy, so we called it a night and headed back to the Priou residence. 

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