Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Five: Versailles ate my cardigan.

June 4, 2011
8 a.m. Broke my deodorant. Nice. We headed out for Versailles around 8:30 a.m. As we arrived, I had to blink my eyes a couple times because what I was looking at was a city outlined in gold. Not a rumor. We started off in the gardens before our tour of the actual palace. I was so entranced by everything around me that I didn’t even realize the fountains weren’t running (they turn on at 11 a.m. everyday). It was absolutely beautiful. Not to mention enchanting. [It was about this time when I realized my cardigan didn't make it out of the gardens, even though I did. oops.] After our introduction to the gardens, we stepped inside the palace. The chapel was spectacular. The Hall of Mirrors was gorgeous. Marie Antoinette’s bedroom was as if it came straight from a dream. Heck, even the sitting rooms made me question if I was allowed to occupy the space necessary to tip-toe through them. Viewing Versailles only reinforced the respect I have for European architecture and engineering. It was absolutely, positively magnificent. After Versailles, we bussed over to Tours to stay the night. Hel-lo sketch hostel. Room 119 was more than slightly disappointing after the splendor we just stood in. Upon our arrival, we had a window of free time- so we moseyed around town. While exploring the town, we stumbled up on a couple doing drugs. Great. I got gelato with Hannah. Only not. It was regular ice cream and I was sorely disappointed with banana flavor I chose- not even comparable to the kind I sampled in Paris. We then went to eat at this cutesy little two-story restaurant Claire chose for us. It was small, but the waiter was cute. Even trade. We were surprised with 10 bottles of blush wine by the river. Only it started raining- cats and dogs, actually. The group was caught under a bridge for upwards of an hour. Our company consisted of a family and a troupe of what seemed to be homeless Toursians- bongo drum and all. After the rain relented for a tad, we walked/ran back to the hostel. Drenched. My nikes = raunch. Despite the rain however, we went to see the finest nightlife that Tours had to offer. Turns out that between Michael Jackson, a touch of green, and a splash of licorice, Tours can show you a pretty fun time. :)

“I don’t see nothing wrong… with a little bump and grind” – BLD, WPH

Just a taste of the gardens of Versailles. Magnificent.

Think we can get one of those in Round Top?

Crystal clear.

The infamous Hall of Mirrors.

"Let them eat cake"

Cheers, Tours!!!

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