Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day Eighteen: “Slippery little suckers…” –Pretty Woman

June 17, 2011
We left ESA at 7:45 a.m. for a day full of field trips. Between Jake and everyone else I can only image the pictures that will surface of my mouth throwed open while I snuggle with my iPod and furry, pink travel pillow. First stop was the Beillevaire cheese factory- and then we made our way to Guerande’s Terre de Sel. When we arrived home, we had guests. We met Remi, our host parents son, as well as his two sons: Kevin and Frank. Frank=adorable. I may have found Beth a husband… That night we started off with alphabet soup and I got to try escargot. Not bad, not bad. Ghisline prepared them with a green, pesto-like sauce. I was for sure unsure about the entire situation, but I didn’t have to choke them down in the least bit. Bon Appetite! 

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