Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Eleven: It’s official: I can still fall off a bike at 20.

June 10, 2011
More French this morning! I know numbers 1-5 like a boss. This afternoon we had a lecture over European livestock production and the professor who delivered the lecture was my favorite by far. Definitely an enthusiastic little fella. Today, Hannah and I went to meet up with Kaitlin and Brian to ride our bikes in a nearby park. Brian’s ‘dad’ showed him the park earlier that week. With my tennis shoes still out of commission for the rainstorm in Tours- Hannah, my Keds, and myself set out to walk the park and note its layout.  As we were leaving, we came saw that a car was blocking the driveway up ahead. I stopped my bike to assess the situation, and realized there was no driver to be seen. I’ll spare the details… but it didn’t take long for us to understand the actions going on in the car were not what you could categorize as G-rated. As our posse goes to turn around the male in said car honks the horn and Hannah could see him motioning for us to ride by the car and exit the park. We passed on that offer. Another highlight of that bike ride occurred shortly after. My bike has six speeds but it definitely tops out very easily… we’re talking people who get a late start can pass me in no time. BUT instead of getting annoyed by that fact, I should probably have been thankful. I say that because I came into contact with a rogue curb in-between the park and ‘home.’ If that weren’t enough, Hannah and Brian stopped to let my bike catch up, so they saw the whole thing: start to finish. My left knee took the hardest hit, but thank goodness for leggings. For dinner we had: fish sticks (which were probably the best fish sticks I’ve ever had in my life), salad, a vegetable tart (crazy good), and apple pie. During dinner, I used my handy French reference book’s medical section to figure out how to say “I fell.” and “I am bleeding.” in French. I got the biggest kick out of that. Ghisline and Serge, in turn, got a kick out of that. After dinner, Serge was nice enough to bring me some of their antiseptic wash and bandages for me to use. Feel the burn.

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