Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Eight: Courgette Soup. MMM MMM GOOD.

June 7, 2011
6:45 a.m. Oh boy.  For breakfast we had: yogurt, jam, coffee, apple, raisin bread, and orange juice. Then, off to our first French class. Class was definitely informative and my teacher is equipped to correctly enunciate words. After, we got a dose of European history. For lunch: university cafeteria again, but this time we saw steak hache. And steak hache is equivalent to raw hamburger meat. :/ I thought I liked my steaks still mooing when I order them rare, but I stand corrected. I have nothing on the French. Later, we all trekked to City Hall- where we met the mayor, and an ambassador from Wiggins, UK. We learned that many European cities have “exchange ambassador” programs where different students from a European city’s twin city comes to work for a year. We learned that Angers is looking to aquire a new twin city: Austin, TX. Small world. After our visit, Claire and I set out for downtown for a little shopping; I ended up grabbing a cute skirt/shirt outfit at H&M. Upon coming home, I was greeted by my clothes, colorful underwear and all, hanging out to dry. Quite the spectacle for Serge I’m sure. JOJ. For dinner we had: zucchini soup (C’est bonne!!!), veal, potatoes, cheese and bread, ‘Peach Fantasy’ dessert, and Angers’ own red wine. Also, I got a much needed taste of home with a couple Skype dates: Grace and Chris. Bonne nuit!

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