Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day Nineteen: Always a day late and dollar short

June 18, 2011

We head off to Bretagne around 8:45 a.m. After we unload at the Priou’s second residence, we tour the countryside and stop to shop at a fabric store for a bit. When we climbed back into the car, I fished around for Ghisline’s French-English dictionary and solved the question on my, Brandy, and Hannah’s minds: were we staying for the entire weekend or was it strictly a day trip? Answer: day trip. The miscommunication started when we thought weekend meant Saturday-Sunday rather than just going up on the weekend for one day or the other. When we left that morning the three of us each had an overnight bag in hand but neither Serge nor Ghisline told us not to take it. Later, when while talking to Kaitlin and Claire, they said they were going to drive back that evening… which really instigated the confusion. Nevertheless, we got it under control. Only not... because we didn’t fully realize what was coming next. Lunch. All 12 courses of it.
Crackers and champagne
Crab cakes with tomatoes
Green beans
Navy beans
Cheese and bread
Milk and egg bake
Chocolate cake
I was absolutely miserable afterwards but we all ate like champs if I do say so myself. We weren’t too sure about our consciousness during the small excursion to come, but away we went to Rochefort en Terre. Rochefort en Terre is a quaint, medieval village lined with shops- and one of Ghisline’s favorite locations. After an afternoon of shopping, we return to Bretagne for another meal. A small dinner. Thank goodness. The weather turns dreary and the rain lulled the three occupants of the backseat of the Priou’s Citrogen to sleep. Bonne nuit!  

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