Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Nine: ‘father/daughter date night!’

June 8, 2011
6:45 a.m. came way too early. Went to class (learned that lecture increasingly induces a sleeplike state), had lunch, and afternoon class was cancelled. Score. Hannah, Brandy, Hayley, and I spent some of the afternoon walking around downtown in search of Land Champs bags and macaroons. Hayley bought this gorgeous khaki/ dark green bag, and we held off on the macaroons for another day. We were back home in plenty of time for our ‘father/daughter date’ to Serge’s garden at 6:30. That night for dinner we had: bruschetta and cantaloupe, barbecue, fries, Camerbert, Brie, and laughing cow cheese, a dry, rose wine, and for dessert- Flaming Banana with Rum. Afterwards we were finally able to put together the entire story about the eel Serge caught (which was what was mounted in the first pictures the Priou's emailed me that made me rethink swimming while in France). Don't ask me how we got onto that topic, but pictures came off the shelves and out of rooms- they do it big.

Brandy, Serge, myself, and Hannah at the garden

Serge's award winning eel

Mediterranean eel all the way in France. He took a wrong turn somewhere.

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