Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Two: A contradiction in itself.

June 21, 2011 
I got a taste of why I was drawn to my major this past semester in AGEC 460- and more reinforcement while in Angers. Economics is just as much a social science as it is a mathematical science. Here, in France, I am learning about the social aspects that perpetuate their economy as well as their history. Not only is it dealing with data and finite information- but human tendencies, culture, and disposition. Stable and volatile all in one- a contradiction in itself; something I respect and appreciate. Today’s French history lesson was a reminder as to why my skin crawls with both how fragile and volatile society can be. I am fortunate that the natures of my personal problems I have are based on what they are- it could be so much worse.
A valid point to understand fully is that societies aren’t always led by morality, but rather by law.

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