Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Thirty: You’re wearing Dr. Martens…

June 29, 2011
PRESENTATIONS. After, I got everything squared away with Claire about the rooms in Paris- thank goodness. After talking to Claire, I went into town to exchange my lunch ticket, bought a sandwich and a birdhouse key holder, went home, packed, did some research in the aisles of Super U, and headed to the reception. I may have gotten a touch emotional at the reception. They had wine and sides set out for everyone to snack on . This one puree: carrots and sweet potatoes, and jazz= A+. After the reception, we went to Claire’s house as a final goodbye. (On the trek over I realized Brian was wearing Dr. Martens... I guess those aren't extinct in the North like they are in the South ahahhaa) Claire’s host mom came home and popped open champagne for us. Afterwards, we walked to Falstaff to meet up with everyone else. There were smashing renditions of 90s songs, dance moves galore, and echoes of Tyler’s ‘LET’S GOOOO!’ as we made our last trek to Centerville.

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