Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Eight: Dessert for Dinner.

June 27, 2011
Today’s lessons at ESA revolved around bread making. We made fast bread and slow bread- I even took two loaves home. For our lunch break, a group of us went to the Daytona Bar and Grill where I had a fully cooked cheeseburger. After we got home, it was still HOT, and I worked on our project with Brandy until dinner. Also that night, I had a slight panic attack because a hostel dilemma had been presented. I wanted to roll over my room at St. Christopher’s but they couldn’t confirm it- and I wasn’t going to book more rooms without confirmation. But when I checked again, they didn’t have rooms for all the nights I needed for Mitch, Jessica, and myself. Uh oh. On top of that we had crepes for dinner. Not the food crepes. The dessert crepes. With sugar, butter, jams, moldy whipped cream (that we threw out), cheese and bread, and ice cream cake rum flambé. I almost threw up from all the sugar. Aye. Mitch booked rooms in Rosney at the ‘Cheap Beds’ Hotel- not completed convinced on the location so I’m running it by Claire tomorrow.

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