Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Six: France’s Favorite Past-time.

June 25, 2011
This was the morning of Angers’ tramway inauguration. Serge was nice enough to drop us off on Foch so that we could save our legs for the rest of the walking we would do that day. Brandy, Hannah, and I set out to conquer the trade days/food market first. We came across antique and clothing booths- even married couples exiting the town hall. Then, we crossed the street to the food market. Wow. There was an incredible assortment of fruits, vegetables, raw meats, fish, spices, and homemade concoctions- some that wouldn’t pass U.S. health standards, but they were there nonetheless. We then explored the shopping at Centerville- trying to find specifics and souvenirs. There, we saw that one of the trams had egg and other food items thrown on it in protest. Apparently going on strike is nothing more than a regular occurrence in France. Later, I had this AMAZING FRAMBOISE MACAROON DESSERT WITH ACTUAL FRUIT AT THE PETITE BAKERY. Yum, to say the least. After, the three of us decided to check out the Grand Casino our host parents told us about. We hopped on a bus and about an hour later, we were there. And guess what else!- they had a ZARA. Oops. We walked around and just soaked everything up- I gathered info for my research paper. After, we waited on the bus for quite a while but finally made it home. For dinner we had: green beans, potatoes, frog legs, spaghetti, cheese and bead,  strawberry ice cream cones, and champagne.

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